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Some of the following information is taken from the SDA Church Manual. You can download a PDF copy of the manual here.

Corresponding with Church Members

"The clerk should correspond frequently with absent members and should pass on to them news of church progress, encouraging them, in turn, to report their Christian activities each quarter." (Church Manual - 18th Edition; page 168)

There are many ways to keep in touch with absent members but here are a few suggestions:

  • Mail or email them the church newsletter
  • Mail them the church bulletin from the previous week with a note that they were missed
  • Call them to see how they are doing and if there is any way the church can help
  • Mail or email them a note to check in with them
  • Send them cards for Christmas and/or their birthdays
  • Keep inactive members on the Adventist Review and Gleaner mailing lists

Additional Inactive/Missing Member Resources:
Ministry Journal Article: Connecting with Missing Members (pdf)
Adventist Review: Special issue for former/nonattending members (pdf)
Reconnecting: Winning back inactive and former church members
Conference Member Ministries: missing member information

Taking Minutes for Church Meetings

"The clerk serves as secretary of the board and is responsible for recording, presenting, and preserving the minutes of the meetings." (Church Manual - 18th Edition; page 126) Although a church secretary sometimes is delegated the responsibility of taking the minutes at church meetings, it is the duty of the clerk to see that this task is performed and properly entered in the church records. The official copy of the minutes should include complete copies of all reports, documents and financial statements. It is a public record which any church member or denominational representative can look at. "When the clerk, as secretary, cannot attend a business meeting, the clerk should arrange for an assistant to be present to take the minutes." (Church Manual - 18th Edition; page 79)

Click the links below to learn more about accurately and correctly recording meeting minutes.

Notifying the Conference of Session Delegates

The Oregon Conference holds regular sessions quadrennially (every four years) to elect officers, receive reports and address any other items as needed. The session delegates for the Oregon Conference are member in regular standing of the Adventist Church and must be present at the session in order to vote.

Information will be sent out to Church pastors and clerks prior to the session with information regarding selection of delegates. Each Church in the Oregon Conference is entitled to one delegate for the organization and an additional 400 delegates are distributed among the churches based on the membership report at the close of the third quarter the year before the session will be held.

Since the members of Companies in the Oregon Conference are technically members of the Oregon Conference Church, Companies are asked to recommend delegate names to the Conference Executive Committee to be selected. Typically the pastor for the company is contacted regarding qualified members.

In addition to regular sessions (often referred to as "Constituency Session"), the Executive Committee may call Special Sessions of the conference when needed. Churches will be notified at least three weeks before a Special Session is held.

Reporting Information as Requested

The number of reports that must be submitted to the Conference by mail, email or fax has decreased in recent years because of the use of the eAdventist database. However, the following information does need to be reported to the Conference when requested.

Fall Quarter Attendance

Each year, in the fall, a request is emailed to each Church and Company requesting that six weeks of attendance be recorded and submitted to the Conference. The request is sent to the congregation's pastor(s) and the attendance secretary. However, if no attendance secretary is listed in eAdventist or the attendance secretary does not have a valid email address, the request will be sent to the following officers' email addresses: pastor, head elder, clerk, head deacon, secretary.

View or download a standard fall quarter attendance report (pdf)