Conference Advisory Council

Welcome to the Oregon Conference's information page for the Advisory Council (sometimes referred to as the Lay Advisory Council or "LAC"). This page will provide basic information about the main purpose of the Advisory Council. If you have additional questions please contact the Oregon Conference Administration Department.


Method of Appointment
One representative from each local church who is not denominationally credentialed/licensed* (as defined below) shall be duly nominated by the church board or the nominating committee and accredited by vote of the church to serve on the advisory council of the Oregon Conference for a term to run concurrent with the conference quadrennium. The conference Executive Committee members shall serve as ex-officio nonvoting members.

The Conference President or his designee shall serve as chairman of the Advisory Council.

Purpose of Meetings
The Advisory Council shall receive reports from the President concerning progress of the conference and shall provide wider counsel through its recommendations to the conference Executive Committee. The Advisory Council shall provide for itself operational guidelines.

Frequency of Meetings
The Advisory Council shall meet not less than once a year, with the time and place to be set by the chairman.

Upcoming Meeting
On Thursday, June 23, 2016 at about 9:00 AM the Advisory Council will meet at the Oregon Conference headquarters in Gladstone. We would like to invite one elected representative from each church and company to attend the meeting to receive reports, provide recommendations and feedback, and to then report back to their church regarding the information discussed.

Lunch will be provided after the meeting at about 12:30. Following lunch, the Executive Committee will begin their meeting. Church representatives are invited to stay for the beginning of the Executive Committee if they wish.

Additional Information
More information will be emailed out a few weeks before the meeting to pastors to pass long to their church's representative and also directly to lay advisory representatives who are listed in eAdventist as holding that office and have a valid email address entered. If you are the representative for your church, please check with your pastor, church clerk, or church secretary to make sure your information is entered into eAdventist so you can receive this information directly.

Lay advisory representatives wishing to receive mileage reimbursement will need to submit a completed form on the day of the meeting. 

Lay Advisory Council Mailing List

Church representatives who are listed in eAdventist with a valid email address (check with your pastor, church secretary, or church clerk to make sure you are) are eligible to be on our mailing list and receive information about upcoming meetings as well as follow-up information after meetings.

This is something new we're doing to keep in touch with you better so we're not sure how many emails we'll be sending out total but we're estimating we'll send 2 to 4 emails before each meeting and 1 or 2 after them. Don't worry. We won't spam you or fill up your inbox and you can unsubcribe at any time.

* The current Oregon Conference Bylaws define "denominationally credentialed/licensed" as follows:
"...the term denominationally credentialed/licensed shall apply to all members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the conference in regular standing who hold a ministerial credential/license, commissioned ministerial credential/license, ministry of teaching credential/license, administrative ministries credential/license; or missionary credential/license from the Seventh-day Adventist Church or the position of President of Portland Adventist Medical Center. The term denominationally credentialed/licensed shall not apply to those holding an emeritus credential/license or certificate of employment."